Go on a Lark. It’s Good for You.


Break Out of Your Rut. Go on a Lark.

It’s been raining here in Southern California. A lot. So break out of the winter doldrums and explore something new—and there is no better way to go on a journey of discovery  than to go on a lark.

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So what exactly is a lark? Founder and owner Lisa Gutierrez-Martinez describes a lark as a pop-up restaurant and marketplace experience—and much, much more. It’s an adventure, an escape from the ordinary—an opportunity to relax and enjoy intellectual conversations with friends and family in an inspirational environment with exceptional food and wine. The unique experience reinvigorates your senses and enriches your life as you and your fellow guests open up and share your passions.

It’s All About Collaboration—and Connection

Building community is what The Hood Kitchen Space and the Lark Artisan Market are all about. The Hood co-owners Shelby Coffman and Christie Frazier support and are a part of the growing group of Orange County food entrepreneurs and chefs finding success at The Hood. And the core of Lark’s business model is to support and nurture passion discovered in the people met along the way, and share that passion with others. And so when Lisa and Shelby met—on a lark, of course—they shared an instant connection from the inspiration and energy they both derive from creative culinary experiences and eclectic, understated and simplified surroundings.


Through Lark’s collaboration with The Hood, Lisa met one of her most valuable Lark team members, Chef Kyle Powers of Fork In The Road catering, a long-time Hood client and  culinary treasure. And both The Hood and Lark have benefited from shared marketing and exposure, as well as exchanging experiences and ideas that are important to both of their businesses—communal dining, giving back to the community, and inspiring and nurturing through food, art and design.

Do. Reflect. Refine. And do again.

So what does the future hold for Lark? Lisa’s vision of her business as malleable and flexible continues to guide her plans for the future. Lark is constantly reinventing itself, while at the same time holding steady to her commitment to providing the space for people to come together and enjoy simple culinary pleasures in beautiful and inspirational environments. With her many connections to the local Southern California food scene, her knowledge and experience in interior design and art, and her love of discovery, a brick-and-mortar indoor/outdoor space combining all these elements continues to appeal to Lisa.


But she never wants to be far away from her true passion—producing pop-up dining events—and thinks about expanding from 12 to 24 events per year. Lisa’s belief that the “element of the unknown feeds you creatively and keeps you evolving” moves her forward every day, as she continues to do what she loves—conceptualizing and creating interesting spaces to inspire guests through food, design, art, and conversation. 

Larks are open invite until all seats are full. For more information, visit Lark’s websiteFacebook page or follow Lark on Instagram at @letsgoonalark

Lark Artisan Market is based in Huntington Beach, California.


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